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LXXXXVII Minutes of Meeting held with Principal Secy., Finance Secy. Justice and Registrar, Firms for taking steps to includes societies registered under Society Registration Act, 1860 as Public Authorities under the RTI Act.[7  March, 2006]
LXXXXVIII Minutes of Meeting with Registrar, Firm, Societies & Chits[19  June, 2006]
LXXXXIX Minutes of Meeting on Record Management in the Context of RTI Act.[28 October, 2006]
C Minutes of Meeting with all Commission and Boards for implementation of RTI Act.[06 November, 2006]
CI Minutes of Meeting with Principal of Local Law Institutions[25 November, 2006]
CII Minutes of Meeting regarding revision and updation of Manual of Government Orders.[07 December, 2006]
CIII Minutes of Workshop held by ATI Nainital at Secretariat, D.Dun.[09 February, 2007]
CIV Minutes of Meeting review of Public Authorities not complying Sec. 4(1)(b) of RTI Act.[02-04 April, 2007]
CV Minutes of Meeting with RD and Civil supplies deptt. reg. listing of BPL families.[01 - 03 May, 2007]
CVI Minutes of Meeting for identifying other PAs under the administrative control of departmental PAs.[07 May, 2007]
CVII    Minutes of Meeting reg. actions to be taken by Police Deptt. under Sec. 25(5) of RTI Act.[11 May, 2007]
CVIII Minutes of Meeting reg. upkeep of records by State Cooperative Institutions, PR Institutions and local bodies under the RTI Act. [23-24 May, 2007]
CIX  Minutes of Meeting with NGOs [11 July, 2007]
CX Minutes of Meeting reg. management of records & weeding procedure.[31 July, 2007]
CXI Minutes of Meeting with officers of the Office of Commission and DMs regarding Management & weeding of revenue record.[09 August, 2007]
CXII Details of meetings and workshops organised for the successful execution of the RTI Act.



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