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Without Fear or Favor is a series of articles by Dr. R. S. Tolia, the first Chief Information Commissioner of Uttarakhand Information Commission, on the implementation of the RTI Act in Uttarakhand.


These articles have been published in The Garhwal Post, an English Daily of the region.


Article I : RTI : Without Fear or Favor
Article II : RTI and The Fourth Estate
Article III : RTI and The NGOs

Article IV : RTI and The Invisible BPL

Article V : RTI : The End of the Early Days

Article VI : RTI : Citizen's Experiences in Ten States

Article VII : RTI : PPP Framework and RTI

Article VIII : RTI : Celebrating RTI Week


Other Articles by Dr. R. S. Tolia

Random Thoughts : Mountains and The Climate Change Agenda

Random Thoughts : Our Panchayats and MDG

Random Thoughts : Recognition of Forest Rights

Random Thoughts : Climate Change, Mountains and Adaptation Activities

Random Thoughts : What Ail's Uttarakhand's Economy

Random Thoughts : Mountain Policies

Random Thoughts : Impact of RTI in Public Dealings

Random Thoughts : Review and Update All Laws

Random Thoughts : Himalayan Glaciergate and Science

Random Thoughts : Crafting a State Action Plan on Climate Change

Random Thoughts : Livestock Rearing for Poverty Reduction

Random Thoughts : Great Tribal Diversity of Uttarakhand

Random Thoughts : Gender Budget in Uttarakhand

Random Thoughts : Revisiting 'Mountain Policing'

Random Thoughts : More on 'Mountain Policing'

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